A Dog Post

Someone wrote to me and asked for more pictures of the Barn Dog. I am always happy to post pictures of the world’s cutest dog.

And here he is. Cuddled up on my side of the bed, on my heating pad. He is not a dumb dog.

But wait….

Oh my goodness. The cuteness never ends.

Actually it is hard to take pictures of Barney because when you point a camera at him, he immediately comes over and wants to sniff it. I have a lot of pictures of Barney’s nose.

And here is a picture of our youngest grand-dog.

This is Dyson, wading in Falls Creek in the Deschutes National Forest near the Sunriver house. Dyson is a 60-pound puppy, and he pretty much loves everything and everybody. He even loves Barney.

Barney does not love Dyson.

We took both dogs on a hike back in August.

Dyson loves to swim.

And eventually had to be towed out of the water.

Barney found the whole thing absolutely exhausting. We had to carry him back down the trail.

Once we got back to the house, they managed a small moment of doggy brotherhood.

2 comments to A Dog Post

  • Alex

    Although the other granddogs don’t spend as much time with Barney as Dyson does, they’re also cute.

    Here’s an example of Zoe the granddog wondering why Bailey the granddog likes spending so much time upside down.

  • dp

    Barney is pretty cute, and so is Dyson. Barney is so small! I imagined he would be bigger by now, but I guess his breed is smaller than I thought. Is he still doing things like leaping off of porches?

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