The Universe Speaks to Me at Starbucks

Yes. It is true. It appears that the universe is attempting to communicate with me using the patrons and employees at Starbucks. While flattering, it is also just a bit disconcerting.

The first incident occurred this summer. I was at my local Starbucks, sitting on a bench at a small table. There was a woman sitting at the small table to my left; a man was sitting to my right. I was writing in longhand in my notebook. After a while, the man leaned over to me and said, “You’re a very good writer.” I must have looked a bit confused, because he then added, “You write very fast.” Ah…apparently he was not commenting on writing as a creative activity, but simply writing as a method of communication involving pen and paper? And I will admit, I do write very fast. Not always legibly but apparently the universe does not value that.

In September I was in a Starbucks in California. Again sitting on a bench at a small table, I was working on my laptop, writing a letter to a student. After a while the man sitting next to me–what is it with these men?–leaned over and said, “Your paragraphs are too long.” And again, I’m sure I looked confused. Seeing as how I was thinking “Who asked you, buddy?” I’m sure I looked quite perplexed. He then added, “No paragraph should have more than three sentences.” I nodded and said, “I will keep that in mind.” Alas, the universe does not deal solely in compliments, and there is always room for improvement.

Then today I was back at the Starbucks by the gym. I had chosen the table in the corner. It is close to the milk and sugar station, which is a bit of a downside. However it is impossible for anyone to sit next to you or behind you or even in front of you. I was again writing in my notebook. A Starbucks employee came out to clean up the spilled milk and sugar, and when she was done she smiled at me and asked, “How is that latte?” Recognizing that she was the one who had made the latte, I assured her that it was very good. She went away. This was the universe just checking to see if it was okay to interrupt me, I guess. Because about two minutes later, another Starbucks employee came over. She leaned over and said, “You are worth more than you think you are.” I have to say, I went straight beyond confused and perplexed and ended up somewhere around flummoxed. Instead of offering a further comment, she patted me on the shoulder, smiled sadly but kindly, and walked away.

The messages are cryptic. I’m not sure I totally understand. But who am I to question the universe? I am a good, fast writer. I am worth more than I think I am. And my paragraphs are too long. Words to live by.

4 comments to The Universe Speaks to Me at Starbucks

  • Alex

    That last one is kind of weird. I wonder what went through her head before Fate decided to use her as a vessel to speak to you.

  • margaret

    Maybe I looked like I really needed some outside affirmation. Either that, or she was commenting on the fact that I had ordered my latte in a reusable cup.

  • Maybe Starbucks is test-marketing a fortune cookie approach to customer service. Perhaps being told that you are worth more than you think you are will inspire you to beat Woody Allen to the punch and write a screenplay about a woman who receives messages in Starbucks. Or maybe they just want you to take a chance on the grande skinny chai pumpkin spice latte. In any case, I agree with the “vessel.”

  • margaret

    I think I would have preferred a free cup of coffee.

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