Personal Triumphs

The Barn Dog and I are spending the week at Squirrel Hall. The Pilot brought us over on Friday, except he was the Driver because the weather was not ideal. At least, in my opinion. “It’ll be bumpy the whole way,” he said. “And we’ll be in the clouds.” We drove.

We woke up this morning to snow.  Barn Dog was a snowdog after our walk; I had to dust us both off before we could go into the house. It was lovely snow. Thick, fat flakes. Except….today is the day I was supposed to drive the car into Bend to find out if we really have chipmunks living in the right front wheel.

I seriously considered calling the car people and telling them that today just would not work. Because I do not like to drive in the snow. At all. But there was always the chance it would be worse tomorrow. Or the next day. And the chipmunks would take over the entire car. And really, as, in the spirit of Alice herself, I severely admonished myself, I had to face this fear. The snow was  more afraid of me than I was of it. Steer toward the spin. Steer away from the spin? One of those things. Just remember to steer.

So I bundled up. I assured Barney I would be back. He did not look convinced, and in fact barked warnings as I walked out to the garage. Loud, doom-filled warnings.

But….I drove all the way to Bend. And it snowed the whole way! And the roads in Sunriver were slippery! They really were; that is not my overwrought imagination. I even spun a little bit and I did…something. And ta-da! I am here safely, and the car is being searched for rodents.

This triumph comes right after my moment of glory yesterday: I successfully figured out how to make my Word document show up on my laptop AND on the big monitor on my desk. All by myself I figured that out. Well…I remembered the instructions I had been given. But, hey. I remembered the instructions!

Oh. I am pumped. What fear shall I conquer next? Baking a pie? Cleaning the top of the cupboards where the spiders live? Chapter Six?

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