One of a Kind

Someone else out there may have a nativity scene from Burkino Faso. Or a no-human, all-cardinals nativity scene. But I am positive that I am the only person in the world who has this Lego nativity scene.

Peter says he had nothing to do with this. So if Peter was, say, two years old, then Alex must have been seven and Nicholas was five? Anyway….I went out one evening. I think this was back when I would go out with some friends for “Mommy’s Night Out.” And the kids decided to make me a nativity scene out of Legos.  Early the next morning. I heard the kids getting up. I heard muffled consultations. I heard things being moved around, a little alarmingly, in the living room. And then, when I was allowed to look, I saw this…

Below we have Mary and Joseph and the Baby Jesus. (The two angels in back are ringers. They came a few years ago in a Lego Christmas set.) I do love that Joseph’s shoulder is a computer. And I like the way the Baby Jesus’s feet stick up. He has a very large manger to lie in.

Here we have two wise men–I especially like the very blocky red and yellow wise man in the back, although the smiley guy is pretty great, too–and some sheep. You will notice that some of the sheep have feet and some do not. The ones without feet are lying down. (Nicholas made the sheep. He made a lot of sheep.) I really like the multicolored sheep on the far right.

In the foreground on the right are two doves.  They are the ones with the yellow heads and the little tiny wings. The doves, in my opinion, are genius.

And this is–wait for it–more sheep! Nicholas really, really liked making the sheep. There is also another wise man. And in the back is a yellow camel. The camel used to have legs–legs that hinged, actually, so it could stand up or lie down.

But, sadly, it is hard to store a Lego nativity scene and some of the pieces have fallen off.  There used to be a shepherd who seems to have disintegrated completely. I still have the loose pieces collected in a box but because I am not what you would call adept with Legos, I haven’t been able to fix the figures. Although I have repaired a few sheep. Perhaps some day one of the original builders will help me reconstruct the others. Those sheep do need a shepherd.

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